Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Whatsapp groups listed here are all users submitted.
  2. This site or app has not responsible for anything happening or occurring in a particular group.
  3. Do not share anything that is against the law of governance.
  4. If a user joins a group and he/she sends something that against the laws of governance without the admin’s concern, then he/she has full responsibility for this matter.
  5. If a user or admin submits a group, he/she follows the rules that should not violate laws of their governance as an admin. If an admin does not follow the laws of their governance, he/she has full responsibility for this matter.
  6. If an admin does not want to run the group, he/she can do three things. (a) Remove all the members and close the group. (b) Turn off the ability of sending messages for all group members to Only admins in Group Settings > Send messages > Only admins.
  7. If an admin does not want members to join their group, he/she can reset the Group Invite Link.
  8. Admin always keeps focusing on what is going on in a group. If he/she sees something wrong or unacceptable message are sent then such person should be removed or reported from the group.
  9. For the submission of the groups, the website owner has the full responsible to publish or not, when to publish, and delete the group as and when required.